These chef-smart savory cannabis edibles feature fine-tuned flavor to reward discerning taste buds. Soul Sugar’s commitment to the finest cannabis distillate means nothing but great snack tastes come through.

Available Flavors

Peacefully Parmesan Ranch

Deliciousness goes all-natural, with this Parmesan and Ranch seasoned twist on Soul Sugar’s superb snack crunchables. A hint of garlic sets a lively mood that might remind you of your favorite terrace in Tuscany. Perfect quality distillates assure a pure flavor focus.

Sail Away Chesapeake Bay

Old Bay seasoning finds a tasty harbor in this crisp all natural snack mix, punched up with a spicy kick of the East Coast’s most delicious seasoning sensation. Set your course for a great take on savory with a nautical twist. Quality distillate means cannabis is experienced but never tasted.

Sassy Sea Salt and Pepper Too

Snacks love sea salt – so why not a punch of pepper too? Turns out, when you perfectly balance the combination of bold black pepper and savory sea salt you get something new – a totally delicious taste sensation. Our irresistible snack with the salt and pepper kick is the perfection of all-natural simplicity. Quality cannabis distillates are taste free to assure perfect tasting pleasure.

Bumped up BBQ

Everyone loves BBQ snacks – including the chefs at Soul Sugar. Our team toiled in the kitchen to refine the BBQ snack sensation, evolving a superior mix of smoky and spice. It’s BBQ with a welcome taste bump. High quality cannabis distillate means a great taste experience with zero unwanted cannabis flavor.


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Fill out the form below to submit a request for our products to be sold at your dispensary.

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