Sweet, playful and extraordinarily delicious, these creations put more culinary kick into cannabis edibles. Each flavor is carefully designed and baked by our top chefs at Soul Sugar to elevate the pleasure of any special occasion.

Available Flavors

Superior Strawberry Hazelnut Cup

Let the sweet recesses of your soul sing the praises of this outrageously delightful cannabis-infused confection. Imagine a cup of seductive strawberry flavored white chocolate deliciousness cradling a precious portion of creamy rich Hazelnut filling.  Infused with the finest cannabis distillates for pure confection taste.

Pleasure Packed Milk Chocolate Crunch

Trust Soul Sugar’s uncompromising chefs to raise the familiar pleasure of chocolate and peanut crunch to peerless perfection. Highest quality milk chocolate and crunchy peanut butter filling have never been happier together. Superb distillates assure cannabis perfection with no cannabis after-taste. Joy.

Raspberry Jam Reborn

Now that the happiest childhood flavors are all grown up,  they’ve reunited in this astoundingly flavorful adult treat. Discover culinary magic with a hint of nostalgia in our perfect cup of peanut butter-flavored chocolate with a delicious heart of raspberry jam. Soul Sugar’s pure, and precise cannabis distillates are experienced, but never tasted.

Dashingly Dark Chocolate Hazelnut

So much more than a foodie fashion statement, Soul Sugar’s Dark Chocolate Hazelnut raises the bar for gourmet edibles everywhere. Superbly confected dark chocolate cradles gorgeously delicious hazelnut cream. Top quality cannabis distillate never interferes with flavor.


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