These outrageously delicious darlings hit the sweet spot with boundless deliciousness, always discretely infused with pure and perfect taste-free cannabis.

Available Flavors

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

It’s no secret: chocolate and raspberry have a thing for each other. Now, our quality-obsessed chefs have taken that relationship to new heights of passion by creating an intensely delightful raspberry nougat filling, covered in exquisite dark chocolate. Naturally, only the finest taste-free cannabis distillate is selected to complete this sublime treat.

The Epicure’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle

Can a true epicure find serious gourmet pleasure in the everyday flavors of chocolate and peanut butter? Soul Sugar’s chefs have risen to the challenge, crafting a sublime peanut butter nougat filling, made to be surrounded with brilliantly crafted milk chocolate. Astound your inner epicure with quotidian perfection. Best quality flavor-neutral cannabis distillate assures unimpeded tasting pleasure.

Treat-worthy Toasted Coconut Truffle

Turn up the heat. Turns out, good things happen to coconut when it’s toasted. Toasting coaxes the most desirable rich warm flavors to life. And those flavors are the base note for our stunningly delicious chocolate-coconut truffle – a symphony of tasting pleasure. Soul Sugar’s commitment to high quality taste-free cannabis distillates keeps the pleasure pure.

The Wide and Wild White Chocolate Rainbow Truffle

Some said our chefs were dreaming in color when they set out to create this one of a kind confection. The result of that dream is an amazingly creamy sweet nougat with a dash of rainbow crunch – all wrapped in a gorgeous coating of rich white chocolate. Feast your eyes and treat your taste buds too. Perfect cannabis distillates keep the taste pure.


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