Where do you produce product in California?

We are operating out of a permitted facility in California.

What kind of Cannabis oil do you use?

We use purity tested CO2 distillate.

How do you test your products?

We test our products with SC Labs, and they fully test for mold, microbes, potency and pesticides in accordance with California laws.

Do you have any products that are gluten-free?

While Soul Sugar Jellies are gluten-free recipes, they are processed on the same equipment that we use to prepare our other products. Since cross-contamination is always possible, we do not label them as ‘gluten-free’.

Do you have any products that are nut-free?

Some of our products are made with nuts, and the facility where we produce all our Soul Sugar edibles does process nuts, so we do not promote any of our products as nut-free.

How do we carry your product?

Please go to our Contact Page and fill out a Dispensary Request form then someone from our sales team will be in touch.

You can also connect with us on social media!
Facebook: /soulsugarkitchens

Will you be releasing any other products?

Yes, we have a number of other complementary products in our line that will be introduced over the coming months. We also plan to introduce “special occasion” products in a limited time offering.

Do you have any products that are vegetarian or vegan?

No, we do not have any products that are 100% vegan.

What/Who is Soul Sugar Kitchen?

Soul Sugar Kitchen produces delicious award-winning cannabis-infused edibles, using pure distillate to ensure clean flavors. Headed by experienced chef Marcus Lentz, we aim to be a visionary in unique recipes and gourmet tastes.

What’s the story with the stories?

Our recipes celebrate the free, fun-loving spirit of the cannabis movement- and that includes our packaging! We include a fun story with each product, to emphasize the silly, trippy world of cannabis.

What makes SSK stand out compared to our competitors?

From our packaging to our product itself, we strive to be a leader in the cannabis edibles space. Not only do we create unique, fun flavors and products, we also provide a ton of support in marketing and social media so that we can really engage with the consumer.

It’s not just enough for our product to be great – we want to ensure that people are talking about it too.

What are your social media handles?

You can find us on Instagram or at #soulsugarkitchen.

You can find us on Facebook at

Is Soul Sugar Kitchen in any other markets?

Currently SSK is being prepared to launch in Puerto Rico, with plans to expand into other Washington and Canada in the coming years.

What is the shelf life?

6 months after Manufacturing Date (which is listed on all products).

Do you have organic products?

Our products are not organic. We are committed to sourcing quality ingredients, but we cannot say that we are 100% organic.

Are there any GMO?

To the best of our knowledge, none of our products are made with GMO.

Do you have any kosher or halal products?

No because there aren’t kosher or halal distillates, we cannot make kosher or halal edibles.

What type ingredients are we using, quality of ingredients, preservative and additive?

We use natural ingredients, sourced as locally as possible. Most of our ingredients are handmade to ensure quality and freshness, and we use natural preservatives such as soy and fruit pectin to ensure our products are the highest quality.

Do you do our own extraction, injection/infusion?

We infuse our products with cannabis distillate but we do not do any of our own extraction.

Where do you source your distillate?

We source our distillate from a premium network of suppliers that operate at the highest standards. We only purchase from the best partners in the community.

Will there be higher dosages?

We focus on micro-dosing, in sync with other cannabis-sophistic states like Washington and Colorado. However we are always opportunistic and if legislation allows, we will look into offering higher-dose products.

Do we meet FDA regulations standards?

The FDA is not currently evaluating cannabis-related products, so we are not FDA-approved. All products are prepared in facilities that meet FDA standards but due to federal illegality, FDA cannot approve us yet.

Do you have any CBD edibles?

Soul Sugar Kitchen has a pipeline of innovation and are currently exploring CBD edibles.

How well does the product handle heat – where is an appropriate place to store cups etc?

Optimal when stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

Are there any plans to introduce Indica/Sativa versions?

To optimize our potency and flavor, and to deliver a consistent quality experience, we use distillate (which is considered a hybrid).

What percent cocoa is the chocolate?

Our current milk chocolate is 54%, making it the richest and most luxurious milk chocolate on the market. We blend our own milk chocolate from 86% dark chocolate nibs, milkfats, and a white chocolate to ensure a unique experience.

Will singles be available?

Yes we will be offering different options to sell our products as individual pieces, or as a box.

Will there be mixed flavor packs?

Yes we are looking to add this to our line in the future.

What type of oil is being used – BHO or CO2?

We almost exclusively use CO2.

Is there lactose in the peanut butter cups?

Yes there is milk in the peanut butter cups.

Are your products pesticide-free?

We test our products with SC Labs, and they fully test for mold, microbes, potency and pesticides in accordance with California laws.