What/Who is Soul Sugar Kitchen™?

Soul Sugar Kitchen™ is the creator of delicious, award-winning, cannabis-infused edibles. With the use of premium quality distillates, our recipes introduce clean flavors and celebrates the free, fun-loving spirit of the cannabis movement and its passionate, enthusiastic chefs. Founded by distinguished culinary artist Marcus Lentz, Soul Sugar Kitchen™ aims to be a visionary in originating fresh recipes and gourmet tastes.

What makes Soul Sugar Kitchen™ stand out against its competitors?

From soulful recipes to memorable taste, Soul Sugar Kitchen™ strives to be a leader in the cannabis edibles space. Not only are our confections considered delectable pieces of art, but also a representation of the creative, fun-loving nature of our cannabis culture.

Are your products Organic?

We are committed to sourcing quality ingredients, but we cannot say that we are 100% organic.

How well do your products handle heat? What is an ideal environment to store your products?

Our products are most optimally stored in a cool, dry, place, away from direct sunlight.

Do you have any CBD edibles?

Soul Sugar Kitchen™ has a pipeline of innovation and are currently exploring CBD edibles.

Do you meet FDA regulations standards?

As we are not yet federally legal, the FDA is not currently evaluating cannabis-related products. However, all our recipes are prepared in facilities that meet FDA standards.

Will there be higher dosages?

We are currently focused on micro-dosing; however, we are always innovating and if legislation permits it, we will look into offering higher-dose products.

What type ingredients are you using? Do your products contain preservatives and additives?

Most of our ingredients are natural, locally sourced, and hand-made to ensure quality and freshness. We also use natural preservatives such as soy and fruit pectin to ensure our products are sustained at the highest quality.

Are there any GMOs in your products?

To the best of our knowledge, none of our products are made with GMOs.

What is the shelf life?

1 Year after Manufacturing Date (Listed on all products)

Do you have any products that are vegetarian or vegan?

No, we do not have any products that are 100% vegan.

Will you be releasing any other products?

Certainly! We are constantly developing new, unique recipes and plan to introduce complementary product lines as well as limited item offerings in the near future.

Do you have any products that are gluten-free?

While Soul Sugar Kitchen™ Jellies are gluten-free, there may be additional product lines introduced in future that will utilize the same equipment. Since cross-contamination is always possible, we do not label them ‘gluten-free’.

How do you test your products?

All Soul Sugar Kitchen™ products are lab-tested twice for potency and purity. Soul Sugar Kitchen™ uses an independent laboratory for verification during the manufacturing process, then the state of California performs rigorous compliance testing prior to any Soul Sugar Kitchen™ products ever reaching the dispensary shelves.

What kind of Cannabis oil do you use?

We use a purity tested CO2 distillate.

Where do you produce product in California?

We are currently operating out of a permitted facility in Northern California.