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We love bringing our Soul Team to all your beautiful shops, so thanks for wanting to have us there.

Event Overview

Learn more about the different types of events we offer.

A Budtender Sampling Event is a private event where one of our product specialists will get together with you and your dispensary staff and provide swag and samples for everyone. We will educate you on the product, and have a good time all around! This type of event usually lasts 1-2 hours, and can either be hosted at your dispensary or at a separate location.

A Patient Appreciation Day is a fun event to show our love for your customers! Our team will be there to hand out samples and teach customers about our product. We will usually combine this event with a BOGO sale, and the events usually run 4 hours.

An Influencer-Supported Patient Appreciation Day is the same concept as a regular PAD, but we will also throw in an Instagram Influencer (or two!) to show up and help drive more social media power to your store’s page.

If you are unsure which event you are interested in, please select all three and indicate in your message that you would like further explanation about our events

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