Can better edibles change the world

Soul Sugar Kitchen delivers ultimately delicious award-winning edibles, crafted with love by chefs with a passion for perfection.

We’re all about better edibles, celebrating life with fresh culinary ideas, and a chef-driven creative process that doesn’t stop until every amazing bite is packed with maximum taste sensation. Our quality story also includes chemical-free, potency and purity-tested.

Marcus Lentz, an award-winning edibles maker with production kitchens in California and Washington, is a third-generation cannabis enthusiast and experienced cannabis chef who heads up Soul Sugar Kitchen.
A culinary arts graduate, and former high school teacher, Marcus first began crafting legal medical cannabis confections in Oregon in 2007. From this experience, he is able to bring a chef’s creativity and perfectionism to Soul Sugar’s medicated confections.
His edibles have won multiple awards and Soul Sugar Kitchens won the award for best child-proof packaging at Happy Place Festival 2016.
Tested for purity to ensure there are no contaminants.
Each product is handmade with care by a professional chef.
Reliably dosed medication that you can count on every time.
Beautiful ingredients, perfectly prepared.
Our award-winning childproof packaging means everyone feels safer.

Available at the following locations

SELU – Diamond Springs

Pure Life Collective – Forestville

Simply Lotus – Merced

Natural Way Patients Collective – Modesto

The People’s Remedy – Oceanside

JD Pacific- Pacifica

Sonoma Patient Group

Green Bean Pharms – Visalia

101 Wellness (Herban Voyage)

Cannabis Wellness Center- Delivery East Bay

Delta Distribution LLC – Delivery East Bay


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Fill out the form below to submit a request for our products to be sold at your dispensary.

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